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WebCalendar Documentation

  Describes the database tables in WebCalendar
  Can be regenerated (if you have perl and make installed) by typing "make".

  Instructions for end users

  Instructions for system administrators on installing and configuring

  Guidelines for developers wanting to make changes to WebCalendar

  Documentation on the internal WebCalendar functions used throughout
  the application
  Can be regenerated (if you have perl and make installed) by typing "make".

  This is generated from the FAQs of in WebCalendar-SysAdmin.html and
  WebCalendar-UserManual.html.  If you have perl and make,
  typing "make" should generate this file.  This file is not a complete
  HTML file.  It is intended to be inserted into the body of another
  HTML page.  You can see it in use at:

  Perl tool to generate documentation on the database structure
  (WebCalendar-Database.html) using comments found in tables-mysql.sql.
  Perl tool to generate documentation (somewhat like javadoc) on
  internal WebCalendar functions (WebCalendar-Functions.html) using
  the comments found in the PHP code.
  Perl tool to pull the FAQs out of the documentation to create one
  set of FAQs that can be included in another HTML page.  (This is used
  to create a single FAQ page on the WebCalendar home page.)

  Used by the 'make' command to create files that are generated from
  other files.

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